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 Project Summary

The strategic goal of the project is to inform policy by developing an integrated understanding of how a knowledge-based society can promote the societal objectives of the EU of sustainable development, social and territorial cohesion and an improved quality of life.

The project's specific objectives are:
Developing a greater understanding of the socio-economic-cultural context within which intergenerational inheritance of inequalities (IIofI) occurs and policy responses at the national level
Developing a greater understanding of policy responses at local level to overcome IIofI
Identifying the relative importance of policy among the factors affecting social mobility of individuals
Assessing the transportability of policy solutions promoting social mobility chances at local level

The departure point of the project is the assumption that the transmission of inequalities, being a result of intersecting influences coming from the family of origin, community and society, constrains the achievement of EU strategic objectives. Social policy could 'partially at least' diminish the influence of IIofI. The analysis seeks to identify institutions and other relevant bodies which can help to strengthen the improvement of social mobility mechanisms. A multidisciplinary comparative study in policies and practices (with special attention paid to education) will be conducted in eight countries with different socio-economic-cultural context to enable generalisation of project findings. The project focuses on interrelations between policies and practices exercised at the national (society) and the local (community) level targeted at spurring social mobility. Quantitative and qualitative methods will be implemented. Secondary analysis and new field work will be conducted to achieve projects objectives.

The following scientific and policy outcomes are expected:
Identified policy responses in different socio-economic-cultural contexts aimed at counteracting intergenerational inheritance of inequalities at the national level.
Specified implications of different national contexts for policies and practices to counteract IIofI at the local level
Defined relative importance of local policy among the factors affecting social mobility of individuals
Identified possibilities and constrains to transferring good practice examples between communities from different countries

 Organization structure of the Profit Project
Organization structure of the Profit Project Contract nr: CIT-CT-2004-506245
To provide an effective co-ordination and management for the full duration of the project, including the maintenance of a smooth communication between contractors as well as between the consortium and the European Commission, special bodies were established...