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7th ESA Conference, Toru?, Poland, 9th-12th September 2005

During the 7th conference of European Sociological Association on "Rethinking Inequalities" ad hoc session “Intergenerational transmission of inequalities” was organised by PROFIT Research Team.

Following papers were presented by PROFIT Members:
 7th ESA Conference, Torun, Poland, List of contributors

Jerzy Krzyszkowski, University of Lodz, Poland
Social services in Poland – the instrument of fighting social
inequalities or their creator?
 7th ESA Conference, Torun, Poland, JKrzyszkowski

Harri Melin & Päivi Naumanen,
Hidden or “forbidden” inequalities? - Finnish
policy-makers speak about inheriting social inequalities and the policies in overcoming them
 7th ESA Conference, Torun, Poland, HMellin&PNaumanen

Kristina Juraite & Kestutis Pukelis, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
Efficacy of Social Welfare Policy in Overcoming
Long-term Poverty:Challenges and Opportunities in Lithuania
 7th ESA Conference, Torun, Poland, KPukelis&KJuraite

Dieter Eissel, Universiaet Giessen, Germany
Intergenerational Inheritance of Inequality in Germany. Impacts of neoliberal
ideology and redistribution policy
 7th ESA Conference, Torun, Poland, DEissel

Kestutis Pukelis & Inga Mikutaviciene, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
Intergenerational Inheritance of Inequalities:
Challenges for Educational Policy in Lithuania
 7th ESA Conference, Torun, Poland, KPukelis&IMikutaviciene

Sonata Maciulskyte & Kristina Juraite, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
Inequality Transmission from Generation to
Generation: the Blaze and Misery of Political Decisions
 7th ESA Conference, Torun, Poland, SMikutaviciene&KJuraite

Nikolai Genov, Free University Berlin, Germany
Reproduction of ethnic inequalities: how policies might reduce it?
 7th ESA Conference, Torun, Poland, NGenov

Jeremy Leamon, University of Loughborough, United Kingdom
Third Way Approaches to Combatting Youth Unemployment: A
Comparison of Employment Policy in Germany and the UK
 7th ESA Conference, Torun, Poland, JLeaman

Avo Trumm, University of Tartu, Estonia
Poverty in East and West of Europe: Are they comparable?
 7th ESA Conference, Torun, Poland, ATrumm

Tomasz Drabowicz, University of Lodz, Poland
Access and exclusion. Some reflexions on the inequalities in the
network society.
 7th ESA Conference, Torun, Poland, TDrabowicz

Magdalena Rek,Wojciech Wo?niak, University of Lodz, Poland
Inheritance of inequalities as a challenge for
policy making. Perceptions of Polish MPs
 7th ESA Conference, Torun, Poland, MRek & WWozniak

Wielis?awa Warzywoda-Kruszy?ska, University of Lodz, Poland
Intergenerational Inheritance of Inequalities –
omitted field of sociological research
 7th ESA Conference, Torun, Poland, WWKruszynska

Ewa Rokicka, University of Lodz, Poland
Social mobility research as a source of knowledge about
intergenerational transmission of inequalities